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Our Facilities

KD Pharma has 2 state of the art manufacturing cGMP plants, one in Seal Sands, UK, and the other in Bexbach, Germany.

KD Pharma UK plant is located in Seal Sands Chemical Park. In addition to our highly knowledgeable staff, the facility also offers:

  • Reactor Capacity: >250 m3; stainless steel, glass-lined, Hastelloy
  • Technologies: SMB, clean rooms, cryo-chemistry, high pressure chemistry, SPD distillation, HPE (High End Fractionation)
  • Characteristics: API production site, (>100 MT/year)
  • Certification: Audited by MHRA, HACCP, FEMAS.

KD Pharma Germany plant is located in Bexbach. The plant has multiple state-of-the-art purification technologies and also offers:

  • Technologies: SPD Distillation, HPE (high end fractionation), SFC, Silver Extraction, Urea, Bleaching, Filling & Packaging
  • Characteristics: cGMP site, > 1500 MT API’s/year; > 500 MT Nutra’s/year
  • Certification: GMP (D), FDA, KFDA; ISO 9001, 14001, 50001
  • Products: 20 API's 9 active DMFs (EU, US, SK, JP) 3 applications pending > 100 Nutra products