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Explore about our broad range of CDMO Services and Products

Custom Synthesis & Purification

Our world-class synthesis and separation facilities have a long track record in manufacturing high quality pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs and specialty chemicals. Our specialized equipment provides rapid development and scale-up of complex, multi-step synthetic chemistry along the whole product lifecycle. 

Expertise, state-of-the-art technologies and proven track record in regulatory compliance allow us to become your preferred CDMO partner.

Your Partner along the whole product lifecycle

KD Pharma has always strived to set a new standard in the industry. In addition to providing solutions for over three decades:

  • KD Pharma supports the full product lifecycle, from traceability to process development to full-scale manufacturing. 
  • Our flexible multi-purpose facilities and dedicated staff ensure a quick project turnaround.
  • KD Pharma uses a number of unique technologies such as:
    • Organometallic and cryogenic chemistries
    • Transition metal catalysis and couplings
    • High pressure reactions
    • SMB chromatography
  • KD Pharma has an extensive regulatory team to support your needs.
  • Our IP Policy – “If you pay for it, you own it”

Our services

KD Pharma offers CDMO services for registered intermediates, API’s, and specialty chemicals ranging from route identification and process development, through to scale-up and production. In each step of the process we ensure the highest quality standards.

API’s and Intermediates
Specialty Chemicals