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Omega-3 API's

Omega-3 API and drug substances

KD Pharma is the largest producer of omega-3 based APIs. Its unique technology mix produces Omega-3 drug substances of the highest quality and purity. We offer concentrates with EPA up to 99% purity, DHA up to 95% purity, and can custom manufacture concentrates of almost any other fatty acid.EPA fatty acids can be concentrated up to 99 % and DHA up to 95%.

KD Pharma can provided commercial and development-scale companies fully customized APIs as ethyl ester, triglyceride, free fatty acids or other forms.

The tables below outline our existing DMF products. Additionally, KD Pharma is capable of developing a variety of customized compositions according to your needs. All products are made in GMP facilities.

KD Pharma's Approved Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs, mg/g) 
KD-Pür® (mg/g) Pharmaceuticals

Omega-3 Acid Ethyl Esters    
460380EE (EP)430-495347-403800-882NLT 90%
465375EE (USP)430-495347-403800-880NLT 90%
46037EE (JP)430-495347-403800-880NLT 90%
Icosapent Ethyl    
EPA965EE (EP & USP)965-980not definednot definednot defined
EPA96% (JP)96.5%-100.0%not definednot definednot defined

EP - European   Pharmacopeia, USP - US Pharmacopeia, JP - Japanese Pharmacopeia

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