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In the design of our products we never compromise on Quality

At KD Pharma we strongly believe in the importance of effective QbD during the process development. Our approach is based on a cross-functional team of analysts, process engineers, quality assurance, sourcing and manufacturing experts that help to consider right input variables during designing and process development. 

By deploying a QbD approach, KD Pharma enables clients to build the required quality into the product during the design and development phase by understanding the effects of material attributes and process parameters on Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs). 


Our Quality Management System (QMS) 

Our QMS is meticulously designed to adhere to the stringent standards and regulations set by regulators worldwide. 

Central to maintaining quality and consistency in our operations, the QMS encompasses comprehensive processes, procedures, and documentation addressing all aspects of quality control and quality assurance.

Document Control

As a fundamental aspect of our quality management system, document control ensures that all necessary documentation is accurate, updated, and readily accessible.

Change Control

This allows us to manage any changes and improvements in our procedures, systems, or processes in an organized manner.

Deviation Management

Deviation management addresses any departures from our standard procedures.

Risk Assessment

As an integral part of our quality system, risk assessment helps us identify and evaluate potential risks.


Validation assures that our systems, processes, and methods consistently yield effective and reliable results.

Supplier Qualification 

we have particular expertise in qualifying suppliers. We understand the importance of managing our suppliers to maintain the overall quality of our products.

Group's Quality Policy

You can explore about the KD Pharma Group quality policy in this link:

Group quality policy